Job Opportunities

Become and Ear Wings Ambassador!


Each Year I run many events across the south of England. Our events are a huge part of the business income stream as the product sells very well face to face. I'm looking for people who would like to become an Ear Wings 'rep' - selling them at similar events across other parts of the country.

Could you be an Ear Wings representative?! The products would be sold to you at a wholesale price. I can assist you in finding suitable events - and before long you'll be good to go! Think of it as your own little Ear Wings franchise.

The events are really fun! I love meeting our neighbouring exhibitors, exploring the items for sale and getting to know new beautiful places around the UK once each day of selling ends. I used to always take a friend, or my lovely mum! It's such a laugh and a lovely way to earn some extra money - or a full income depending on how many events you choose to do.

To apply or to ask any questions, please email me at